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Writer - director - actor



Elaine Magree (she/they/it) is a queer theater-maker in the Bay Area known for writing and performing solo shows. 


She is currently a Lee Brady Fellow at ThreeGirlsTheatre, was a recipient of the
Sui Generis Award and nominated twice for Theatre Bay Area's Best Solo Performance Award. Elaine was also an Artist in Residence, Director of the Artist in Residence Project and Co-Director of the New Music Theatre Project at The Z Space.


current work


A 3GirlsTheatre

Fellowship project

 In AC/DC, a nurse and her colleagues     experience the delight, fragility, and risk of  human connection in their hospital during  the Pandemic. A trip to Europe planned for  March 2020, which takes place in a fantasy  parallel universe, refracts the healing power  of imagination. An unexpected grandchild  brings the abject vulnerability of love.  Uncertainty is at the center of their lives; if  nothing is sure, and loss is inevitable, why   risk loving?

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