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Ask me about: Working in a print collective with members of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Having a donor insemination baby as an out lesbian in the 70's (Thank You to the Gay Men's Childcare Collective- Candy from Strangers- they gave the gift of life). The socialist-feminist intersectional messy inspired women's movement in Oakland in the 70's Defending Inez Garcia, Yvonne Swan Wanrow and Joanne Little Picking up our son at Juvenile Hall when he and other middle schoolers joined older kids to shut down the Bay Bridge after the Rodney King verdict. The anti-nuclear blockade of the Livermore Lab that put 500 women in detention for 2 weeks Doing relief work in New Orleans with anarchists, witches and christians for three months after Hurricane Katrina. Building a house at 6,000 feet in the Sierras in our fifties.

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